Guidelines for Using SEC Highlights

As the official licensing partner of the SEC, there is one question we get more frequently than all the others: ‘How can we use SEC game footage?’  With the 2018 season only weeks away, we’ve put together this handy little FAQ to illustrate the guidelines and help local affiliates understand what is allowed.

Guidelines for Using SEC Highlights

Q:  How can we use SEC highlights on television?

Credentialed media members are allowed:

  • To use broadcast feeds and media-shot footage within regularly scheduled newscasts that air only on television
  • To host a single, non-archived, online simulcast of the newscast on their web site
  • To distribute game highlights within regularly scheduled newscasts for up to 7 days following the game
  • To use up to 3 minutes from a single game within the regularly scheduled newscasts

NOTE:  Credentialed media members may not broadcast any game action until the game has concluded.

Q: Is there a difference in the use of media-shot footage vs. broadcast footage?

No. Any SEC game footage, whether shot by credentialed media or from broadcast, falls under the league media guidelines.  As a result, media outlets are permitted in their use as described in question 1.

Q:  Can we use SEC footage in a preview show?

After receiving prior written consent from the SEC, local television affiliates may use SEC game footage in preview shows and other special shows produced by the media outlet’s news or sports department.

These shows may only be aired on television with a single, non-archived, simulcast online.

Q:  Can we use SEC highlights on our digital (web and social) channels?

Without an official license in place, media outlets may not post or distribute any SEC game action video through the internet.

Once a license is in place, credentialed media may distribute both media-shot and broadcast footage online, per the terms of the licensing agreement.

Q:  How can we license SEC highlights to use on our digital channels?

Contact our SEC licensing specialists at They will walk you through the licensing packages available.

We hope this helps provide you with a clearer understanding of where your station can use SEC content across all its platforms. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our licensing specialists.