How to Use Sports Content 365 Days a Year

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For a sport that is only played from August through December, the interest level and passion of college football fans never wanes even when the team isn’t taking the field.   Over the past century, college football has become an enormous year round business.  Everything from recruiting and National Signing Day to spring ball and players entering the NFL Draft, fans want to know about it. 


Media providers are smart. They recognize the skyrocketing demand for college football coverage and are producing engaging content across all their platforms. It could be a season preview piece in July or a National Signing Day piece in January, it doesn’t matter.  Fans want to know what is going on with their teams.

The appetite for coverage gets especially strong in March and April heading into the NFL Draft.  NFL fans want to get the low-down on the players their teams could be targeting and college fans are following along to see where their favorite players will be playing on Sundays.  All the while, audiences swell and clicks go through the roof because fans are trying to get their hands on as much content as possible.

So let’s take a look at a few examples of how college football content is being used year round, especially with NFL Draft prospect footage leading up to Draft Day.

Player Profiles on Social Media

You want to drive traffic to your web site, so what do you do? Use social media.  In this case, producers at Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia have developed a profile piece on a local draft prospect from Temple University. They have bolstered their report by using officially licensed footage of the player from his time at Temple so they can show the player in action and demonstrate how he may be a good fit for their local Philadelphia Eagles. The final step is to promote that piece to their 250,000 followers on Twitter.


Top 5 NFL Draft Prospects on Web Platforms

Mike Mayock is considered one of leading analysts for the NFL Draft.  When he produced his piece on Top 5 Wide Receivers in this year’s draft, he included a full profile of each player along with a detailed video breakdown of their college game footage. Recognizing the interest level of a piece like this to their fans, the Minnesota Vikings posted highlights on their web platform.

Mock Drafts on TV and Web

NFL Network has developed countless hours of comprehensive mock draft content for their TV and web platforms. Their experts have provided extensive scouting reports on each draft prospect and provided a grade to each. They’ve officially licensed college game footage of each player so they can offer their viewers a detailed breakdown of each prospect.