XOS Partners with i1 Biometrics for Player Safety and Performance

XOS Digital partners with i1 Biometrics to provide coaches and training staffs with data to help lower injury risk to athletes and improve player performance.


XOS Digital, Inc., the leading provider of coaching technology for sports organizations, announced today a partnership with i1 Biometrics, a leading sports data and analytics company focused around athlete performance and safety.  Through the use of the i1 Biometrics Vector MouthGuard, coaches and athletic training staff can now objectively use impact data as a way to mitigate risk of injury and improve playing techniques for athletes. The partnership will combine XOS’ expertise in video solutions with i1’s advanced technology to improve player performance.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with i1 Biometrics,” said Matt Bairos, CEO of XOS Digital. “We believe this combined solution provides organizations quantifiable metrics on player health that offer enormous value.”

The i1 Biometrics Data and Analytics Platform takes objective 2-D information and transforms it into vivid 3-D digital models for athletic trainers and coaches. These models provide coaching solutions that help mitigate risk and improve the performance of athletes. When running the system through games and practices, athletic training staff can also receive real-time alerts to mobile devices for those athletes who have sustained large hits, allowing them to intervene with medical attention. For post-game and post-practice analytics, coaches have access to impact information on each athlete and where improved coaching opportunities may be needed as a way to further mitigate risk of injury.

“To remove some of the guesswork for trainers and coaches, the impact of a collision must be looked at from all angles” said Jesse Harper, CEO of i1 Biometrics. “Combining the data from our cutting edge devices with XOS Thunder video will allow personnel to further understand the nature of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. It’s an opportunity for coaches and Athletic Training staff to use data, pair it with video, and develop actionable adjustments to player performance.”


The partnership will result in a revolutionary coaching solution that blends video and objective impact data together to improve peak performance and player safety. To learn more about opportunities available with this platform, please contact info@i1biometrics.com.

About XOS Digital, Incorporated:

Founded in 1999, XOS Digital provides more than 500 sports organizations at all levels a competitive advantage by unlocking insight and value from their digital media assets. XOS offers software, analytics and services that enable our partners to preserve and monetize their digital media assets and our coaches to better scout, recruit, teach and win. The ever-expanding portfolio of products and services including the XOS Thunder™ HD Coaching PlatformXOS ThunderCloud SuiteXOS Digital Licensing Portal™ and XOS Vault™ digital asset management system reflect the XOS Digital commitment to continuing innovation. For more information, visit: www.xosdigital.com.

About i1 Biometrics:

Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, i1 Biometrics is a data-driven analytics company that focuses its efforts around three major themes: Entertainment, Safety, and Performance. To achieve that goal, i1 manufactures a range of sensor solutions that provide highly accurate and reliable, real-time data to coaches. This information allows sideline personnel to modify their coaching while empowering athletes to compete and play at their best. For more information, visit: www.i1biometrics.com.