XOS Partners with Axon Sports for Athlete Cognitive Training Platform

XOS Digital, Inc., the leading provider of coaching technology for sports organizations, announced today a partnership with Axon Sports, the leader in athletic cognitive training. This partnership combines the power of the XOS Thunder Platform with Axon’s robust training applications.

“We are excited to be working with Axon Sports,” said Matt Bairos, CEO of XOS Digital. “We believe this integration offers a unique advantage to teams that are looking to improve the accuracy and speed of their players’ decision making.”

Axon Sports designs state-of-the-art programs and applications for training cognition in sport. Their programs are devoted to understanding and unlocking the power of the athletic brain. Elite athletes across baseball, football, basketball, soccer, rugby, and many other sports are already training their brain using Axon products.

“This partnership will provide organizations an all-in-one virtual reality and cognitive training module,” said Jason Sada, President of Axon Sports, “Together, we are dedicated to help programs get their athletes better prepared off the field.”

XOS Digital is the most trusted video coaching platform at the elite levels of professional and amateur sports.  With a customer base of more than 500 sports organizations and an ecosystem of video and analytics solutions, XOS Digital has a track record of providing teams the technology they need to be their best.

About XOS Digital, Incorporated:

Founded in 1999, XOS Digital provides more than 500 sports organizations at all levels a competitive advantage by unlocking insight and value from their digital media assets. XOS offers software, analytics and services that enable our partners to preserve and monetize their digital media assets and our coaches to better scout, recruit, teach and win. The ever-expanding portfolio of products and services including the XOS Thunder™ HD Coaching PlatformXOS ThunderCloud SuiteXOS Digital Licensing Portal™ and XOS Vault™ digital asset management system reflect the XOS Digital commitment to continuing innovation. For more information, visit www.xosdigital.com.

About Axon Sports:

Axon Sports is leading provider of cognitive assessment and training tools to professional, collegiate and elite amateur athletes. Through customized programs at our advanced performance centers or with our individualized iPad applications, athletes can assess and improve their skills leveraging six key cognitive domains: pattern recognition, anticipation/reaction, decision making, focus, imagination and emotional regulation.

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