XOS Corporate Connections: JVC

In this installment of the XOS Corporate Connections series, we would like to introduce JVC, a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated audio and visual systems. Through its Corporate Connections Program, XOS Digital partners with other like-minded, innovative companies to continue providing our teams with the most cutting-edge sports video technology available.


JVC has a core belief in developing superior technologies that provide its customers with the highest quality sound and images.  In delivering on that belief, the company offers a complete line of products to meet, and exceed, the needs of the broadcast and professional video marketplace.  Its product portfolio includes professional-grade cameras and projectors specifically designed with sports video coaching technology and the sports videographer in mind.

Recognizing the growing significance of player performance and tracking data to the sports market, JVC worked closely with XOS Digital to develop a camera that is optimized for use with video coaching technology including GPS tracking systems.  The new JVC-HM650SC camera was designed to seamlessly interface with the Thunder HD video coaching software platform.  The company has also incorporated a simple user interface that allows sports videographers to tag video directly from the camera.  When this functionality is combined with 4G LTE or WiFi technology, JVC has been able to significantly reduce the time it takes to ingest game and practice film into the XOS Thunder and ThunderCloud sports video platforms.  As a result, coaches are now able to have access to the essential video they need faster than ever before.

Be sure to stop by booth #3017 at the AFCA Convention this year.
Contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about using JVC technology to streamline your XOS coaching workflows.