Your Home for College Sports Footage

With nearly 150 collegiate rights partnerships, XOS has the most robust college sports footage library in the world. Whether it’s hard hitting HD game action, a thought provoking interview, or a nostalgic black and white look at the past – XOS Digital has you covered.


Editorial Content


Major media entities like CBS Sports Network, FOX, and NFL Network rely on XOS for NCAA game highlight footage used in editorial programming.


XOS assists partners such as Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, and Bleacher Report in digitally distributing college sports content.


With the deepest library in NCAA sports, XOS supports original projects for entities such as NFL Films, HBO, NBA Entertainment, and ESPN Films.


The XOS library includes thousands of historical NCAA sports still images often used as support materials within both print and television features.


Commercial Playback


The XOS library allowed Hyundai to capture the passion and iconic traditions of college football fans around the country.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual looked to the XOS library to build a dynamic, football themed national promotion.


Using footage sourced from the XOS college sports library, Goodyear was able to capture the excitement and tradition of college football.


College football footage from XOS enabled Vizio to demonstrate the crystal clear picture quality and excitement around sports.


Television & Film

The Mentalist

XOS frequently provides NCAA sports background footage for use within hit network shows.

American Sniper

Motion picture companies such as Warner Bros. Pictures source sports footage for their films from XOS.

Dancing with the Stars

As star athletes appear within popular reality shows, XOS provides color footage from their collegiate careers.

The Agent

Reality shows, such as Esquire’s The Agent, regularly use XOS sports footage as featured playback.


Digital Archive Management

XOS Digital NCAA Stock Video

Broadcast Center

XOS has a state-of-the-art Ingest and Digitization facility in Orlando, FL.  Whether it is live game capture or archive file transfer, the XOS Ingest Center is equipped to meet all file transfer needs.

XOS Digital NCAA Stock Images

Digitization Services

Activate your digital assets without keeping a tape library dating back decades.  Let the XOS team ingest your footage, documents, and images to help you maximize the value of your content.

XOS Digital NCAA Stock Video

Transcoding Services

XOS will transcode all your files to the ideal formats for today’s common editing systems.  That’s why production companies rely on XOS for their file transcodes and delivery.

XOS Digital NCAA Stock Images

XOS Vault

The XOS VAULT asset management system enables partners to securely organize and store assets in the cloud for easy distribution to maximize value.