HD Replay Basketball

The XOS HD Replay System for Basketball is a powerful yet simple replay solution that enables basketball officials to review game footage in high definition quickly and accurately. This software based system supports multiple HD and SD camera feeds and inserts a shot clock camera feed into the game video to ensure optimal angles for accurate reviews. The XOS HD Replay System for Basketball requires only a laptop and one person to operate. Broadcast quality, multipurpose IP cameras capture video for review and can also be utilized for live streaming and web broadcast, in addition to capturing practice video. HD Replay for Basketball is compatible with XOS Review which allows conference administrators to schedule and train officials and review video of calls made by officials, or by game, play, and team. All plays marked as critical plays by the replay technician are automatically exported to XOS Review and an email notification is sent to the director of officials with a link to review video of the play. The XOS HD Replay system is affordable, easy to use and reliable.

Features & Benefits

  • HD video quality with multi-angles
  • Fast and easy to review marked plays
  • Game clock synchronization to ensure accuracy
  • Operates on a laptop and a 20” monitor
  • Data entry, video and data integrates with XOS Review
  • TV feeds are not required