XOS Digital Historical Timeline

It all began with an NBA team, a technology consultant and a complicated request. When the Orlando Magic asked technology consultant Dan Aton to develop a method to acquire, manage and distribute multimedia information within its operations, the concept of XOS Technologies was born.

Founded by Aton in 1999, XOS Technologies, Inc. (XOS) began with only three employees working within a single office – formerly Aton’s home garage. After its start with the Orlando Magic, the company began providing sports technology services and A/V systems to additional NBA teams. By 2000, XOS had outgrown Aton’s garage-office and the company moved to an office in Sanford, Fla.

In 2004, XOS acquired New Media Networks and created its Network business unit, which had grown from six partner sites to more than 170 within its three-year existence. By 2005, the company acquired Pinnacle Team Sports (PTS) from Pinnacle Systems, Inc., giving XOS a market share greater than 90 percent in select professional and collegiate leagues and enabling it to open its second office in Boston, Mass.

In 2007, XOS sold its Network business unit to Canadian-based JumpTV, Inc., and moved its Sanford office to nearby Lake Mary, Fla. The following year, XOS acquired Collegiate Images LLC, enhancing its XOS Digital division to further empower rights holders and marketers to efficiently capture, manage, distribute and monetize college sports digital media.

Now in its 11th year, XOS has evolved from a small facility-focused A/V technology company to a nationwide sports digital media company. In its present state, XOS encompasses offerings from both a mission-critical and fan-facing perspective. In 2010, the company embarked on a re-branding initiative and is now known as XOS Digital, Inc.

XOS Digital currently serves more than 480 sports partners representing more than 900 teams, conferences and leagues. Through extensive research and development, XOS continues to pioneer the latest digital media technologies for its professional and collegiate sports partners.


XOS Technologies, Inc. is founded by technology consultant Dan Aton, offering Facilities Design & Integration (FDI) services only. The company provides services to its first partner, the NBA's Orlando Magic. In addition, XOS forms a business partnership with Avid Sports.


Sports entrepreneur Randy Eccker partners with Dan Aton in XOS. Soon afterward, XOS acquires the Sanford, FL office of Southwestern Communications, which provides the location and infrastructure for further FDI growth, including the launch of a video-editing product line. In addition, XOS welcomes its first NCAA basketball partner, Michigan State University.


The Washington Capitals hockey team joins XOS as its first NHL partner. Also, the company develops its first video-editing system, XOS DirectorTM. XOS ships its first basketball editor to the Milwaukee Bucks.


XOS acquires Knowledge, Inc. and is empowered to enhance its video-editing products with a playbook management and network sharing capability. Soon after, XOS welcomes its first NFL and NCAA football partners, the New Orleans Saints and the Kansas City Chiefs, and the University of Colorado, the University of Oregon and Brigham Young University. By mid-year, XOS ships its first Coach's Station with smooth reverse viewing features and an integrated playbook. In the fall, the company ships its first DVD Recording Solution.


XOS acquires L3 Digital, which enables it to develop video exchange and streaming services. In addition, legendary Marshall University coach Jack Lengyel joins XOS as its vice president of business development. The company doubles its revenue every year since establishment and now serves more than half of the entire NBA. By year's end, XOS becomes the marketing and sales partner for New Media Networks.


XOS acquires New Media Networks, adds six new partners and establishes its XOS Network business unit. In addition, XOS Coaching Solutions completes a significant part of an FDI football project at Texas A&M University.


XOS acquires Pinnacle Team Sports and the largest industry client base for its Coaching Solutions business unit (90 percent of the market share in select professional and collegiate leagues). As a result, XOS opens its second largest office in Boston, Mass. and brings on Bob Simmons as Coaching Solutions president. During the last quarter of the year, Nada Usina joins XOS as Network president. Also, XOS welcomes its first Network conference partner, the Sun Belt Conference. By summer, XOS installs its XOS Replay instant replay solution for Big 12 and Pac-10 conference football officials. In the fall, XOS Network launches its Total Ticketing solution in Beta format at the University of Utah.  XOS is #428 on Inc. 500’s list of America’s fastest growing private companies.


XOS Network partners with ESPN, ESPNU and ESPN.com in addition to Digital Orchid to enhance and extend the reach of its online and mobile content offerings. The company also acquires Sagio Software and Envisage Software, boosting its Coaching Solutions and Total Ticketing platforms. CEO Rich Ruben comes on board and Dan Aton becomes the chief innovation officer. XOS also partners with Motion Reality, Inc. to bring its XOS SportMotionTM product line to the market. The University of Arizona becomes the first XOS SportMotionTM partner. By summer's end, XOS Coaching Solutions partners with seven new content providers for the XOS Recruiting & Scouting Network, including ESPN. By fall, XOS launches College Sports Direct, complete with a video Web Guide feature and an online social networking site for sports fans, UltraFan (Beta). Dan Aton also earns the Dynetech-Crummer Entrepreneur of the Year award for Central Florida. In addition, XOS Network welcomes its 100th partner and launches an advertising sales business. For the second straight year XOS is named to Inc. 500’s list of America’s fastest growing private companies and rises to #289.


XOS kicks off the year by finalizing an exclusive reseller agreement with Bluechip Athletic Solutions (Bluechip). The agreement enables XOS to offer all of Bluechip's products and services to its partners as a new addition to its XOS Football 2007 platform. XOS also expands its product portfolio to the NASCAR market by launching the XOS Pit Coach Station (its proprietary motorsports video editing solution). As a result, it adds two new motorsports partners, Richard Childress Racing (RCR) and Ginn Racing. By the spring, XOS partners with EA Sports and introduces the XOS PlayAction Simulator - virtual training software that includes built-in teaching and reporting tools to enable coaches to analyze and track the tactical-skill development of their athletes. The series of products was built upon EA's TDT Engine used to drive EA's top-selling Madden NFL 07 and NCAA® Football 07 video games, and added functionality (including customizable playbooks, diagrams and testing sequences) to better prepare athletes for specific opponents. Shortly after, XOS launches "XOS Community," its proprietary social media white-label platform, followed by the completion of its FDI "One Up" project, Raceworld USA, for partner Michael Waltrip Racing. By summer, the XOS Network introduces "XOS GameWatcher," an enhanced display of live-stat data that also simulates each play of the game in a three-dimensional environment as the plays roll in. Following its latest live-stat innovation, XOS Network forms a partnership with SharedBook Inc. to enable its partner teams to offer their fans branded season record books through their official e-commerce stores. However, XOS enters the third quarter with its biggest news of the year - an asset acquisition. In July, XOS sells the assets of its Network business unit to Canadian-based Internet broadcaster JumpTV Inc.


XOS maintains a relatively quiet year, but powers up in the fourth quarter when the company acquires Collegiate Images, LLC - a centralized licensing and rights clearance agency that manages the distribution of archived moving and still images for colleges, universities, conferences, bowl games and broadcast rights holders. As a result, XOS further enhances its XOS Digital division and brings on several key executives, including John Christie as EVP of content partnerships and Rich Routman as SVP of online advertising, media and business development.


XOS heads into the New Year with a brand new innovation - the XOS Digital Syndication Platform. The offering is the first-ever online video syndication network focused exclusively on high school and college sports. Designed specifically with sports marketers in mind, the marketing vehicle enables them to carefully target and capture a highly coveted audience of more than 30 million sports enthusiasts on a monthly basis. Several months later, XOS makes national headlines after launching the debut model of college sports' first-ever digital network. Powered by the XOS VaultTM, the company's recently released digital asset management system, this new digital network is dubbed as the "SEC Digital Network" and is provided exclusively to the Southeastern Conference and all 12 of its member schools. The innovation makes history as the first fully integrated new media network to pioneer an unprecedented way of aggregating, managing and distributing college sports content. By year's end, the SEC Digital Network encompasses a comprehensive mobile platform, revamped Web portal, digital download store and video widget. In addition, XOS develops a new partnership with Bexel Broadcast Services to provide the sports industry with a combined 40 years of broadcast expertise and production solutions. The year comes to a close as XOS CEO Randy Eccker is promoted to executive chairman of the board, paving the way for Blue Chip Venture's Chris McCleary to come aboard as the company's new CEO.


After a decade of doing business as XOS Technologies, Inc., the former sports-tech firm begins the year with an announcement about a rebranding campaign. XOS officially debuts its new corporate brand name, XOS Digital, Inc., and the development of its brand identity as a full-fledge sports digital media company. In addition, its subsidiary, Collegiate Images, is further integrated and aligned with the XOS brand. Just prior to the spring, a new corporate Web site, www.xosdigital.com, is established.